What’s Growing On

What a treat to be able to pluck a sun-ripened tomato off the vine!

Sun ripened on the vine

Sun ripened on the vine

And the herbs, oh my. Oh so good, oh so convenient. I can’t begin to count the many wonderful grilling sauces and salad dressings we have enjoyed. This summer’s container gardening, absolutely a success!

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Denver Snow

Here’s something I really love about Denver. Practically before it even stops snowing, not only have the streets been cleared, but even the trails at the local parks! Here I am, shoveling a path through the back yard.

That's me, shoveling a walkway through the back yard . . .

Wanting to get out and enjoy the snow, I walked the trails around Lollipop Lake at Garland Park. What an absolutely beautiful snow day!

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A new Really Rose blog!

Welcome to the new Really Rose blog! Formerly found on Blogspot at – http://really-rose.blogspot.com/ – I finally maxed out in the number of photos allowed for upload.

Really Rose blog on BlogSpot

Sure, I could have started uploading additional photos to a different program and then linked them to the new posts to the original Really Rose blog on BlogSpot, but why bother with all that additional work (this is Really Rose, the really lazy girl, talking here!)? Instead, since I’ve been hearing such wonderful things about the blog options available through WordPress, here I am, jumping the BlogSpot ship and now on the WordPress band wagon. All future Really Rose blog post will be here!

Welcome to the Really Rose blog on WordPress, and wclcome to the new (and shall we say improved?) Really Rose blog!

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