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On a trail . . .

A former business process analyst, about ten years ago I was diagnosed with a very severe idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and had to accept an early retirement in order to focus on regaining my health. I spent the next year visiting a series of top-notch cardiologists, enduring medical test after medical test and being given different combinations of powerful heart medications. Then several more months were spent at a cardiac rehab center followed by a gradual, yet persistent, increase in exercise as I struggled to rebuild my strength and heart health. Finally, after more than three years of very close monitoring by the cardiologists and diligent effort on my part, my heart condition had stabilized and the doctors (and I) were confident that my heart was once again functioning normally.

To this day, I continue to succeed at maintaining normal heart function by taking care of myself – eating healthy, staying active, exercising regularly, living a stress-free lifestyle, always taking my prescribed heart medications and by staying in touch with the cardiologist for regular checkups and tests. I maintain a gym membership and workout several times each week utilizing the cardio equipment and circuit weight training areas. My real passion for getting exercise is outdoors though, so when the Pacific Northwest is NOT under a huge cloud cover and the rain is NOT coming down sideways, you will probably find me outside on a hiking trail anyway.

I also enjoy photography, dancing, bicycling, music, travel and much more than could possily be listed here . . .


In addition to More from – Really Rose, here is a list of my other blogs:

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5 thoughts on “About Really Rose

  1. Rose,
    Love your photos of the Denver capitol! I’m Communications Director (volunteer) for the League of Women Voters of Colorado. Would you allow us to use a photo or two if we credit you? It would only be to help promote voter service and education — a nonpartisan mission. We can’t pay, but your work could be published!
    Happy Hiking,
    Sonia K.

    • Sonia, so glad you enjoyed my photos. Yes, by all means, you have my permission to use my photos to help promote voter service and education for the League of Women Voters of Colorado. Thank you for asking. I would appreciate it if you could include me in your mailings so I might have the opportunity to see how you have used my photos . . .

  2. VictoriaRavenwood

    Hello Really Rose 🙂 I am interviewing for a position with the Northwest Indian College Indigenous Foods & Traditions Institute Coordinator this week, and would like to utilize some of your beautiful photos of produce, Lummi drummer and totem in my interview powerpoint/film. in which your work will be cited. The film will be submitted only to the NWIC search committee, and I will not retain any rights to your images. Could you e-mail me to let me know if this is alright with you or not? I have other images too, I just think yours will be very inspiring to them! Thanks! – Victoria Ravenwood e-mail: victoriaravenwood@gmail.com

  3. Creighton Hofeditz


    I’m currently gathering images for a book on North American permaculture and I came across your seed swap photo from your January ’10 blog post. I was wondering if you would consider giving your permission to use it in the book. If you have more questions, please email me back. Thanks!

    –Creighton Hofeditz

  4. darlajune

    My name is Darlajune and I am also a blogger. Love your pics! I would like to ask permission to use a portion of one of your photos for my blog at: http://spriggstreet.wordpress.com/
    The picture I would like to use is the woodpile with your dog looking on. I would crop out all except a portion of the wood pile.
    Please email me at darlayow@gmail.com
    Thank you.

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